by Boab Millar

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released 21 April 2014



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Track Name: Going On
Got a lot of things going on
Track Name: Raindance

Watching from windows
Covered in dust
Looking through rose-tinted glass
The stories and tales
That we learned from the old
We passed on intently
And bought whatever they sold

Based on a tale
She recovers the notes
She left lying unread by her side
Waiting to let motions ride
She's the bride

Once more the soldier
Who falls on his gun
And more for the farmer
Who's sick of the sun
They're making a raindance
And call on the gods
But yet it keeps burning
Still we call on the love

Tripping on ladders
And under the stairs
The meaning is lost in the past
The message we send
That will lie on the wind
And broken and fickle
We'll sail it before we are asked

Made from a tape
That was mixed for a dance
That never got listened to then
The record is endlessly spinned
From the start

The birth of a nation
The death of a star
One morning in heaven
And a night from afar
A man can take so much
Before he collects
I tried to respect him
It's what he expects

Once more for a starman
Who's guiding us home
And more for the King there
Who sits on his throne
I once had a memory
Of a time long since past
A day in the life of
The gift from the stars

Once more the soldier
Who falls on his gun
And more for the farmer
Who's sick of the sun
They're wanting a raindance
And call on the gods
But yet it keeps burning
And the dance is called love
Track Name: Jane
Jane says she loves him
But she loves me too
Treats me like her problem page
Asks me what we're gonna do
He's got everything
That she wanted in her life
But she wants me too
And it cuts her like a knife

Jane tells her stories
And I listen with my heart
She leaves me for her comfort zone
And we're all back at the start
Now she's spinning in a circle
Of adultery and deceit
Will she stick with him
Or will she go with me

Jane's got a brother
He said his name is Tone
Said he's gonna kill me
If I don't leave Jane alone
But when I try to leave her
She turns up at my work
Begging me to listen
And take her at her word

I tell her that I'm leaving
I don't want to see her around
We've got nothing else to go on
There is no common ground
We haven't got the marriage
The big house and the cars
Trying to love two men
Is breaking all our hearts

Jane's just been on the phone
Got devastating news
She's gonna have a baby
And she said, it's yours
But how can I trust her
I know she's still in love
With the man she went and married
But he doesn't know the truth

Oh, Jane you're taking this too far
Oh, Jane listen to your heart

Oh, Jane you're tearing me apart
Oh, Jane listen to your heart
Track Name: Substance of Being part II
It's cold in the city like you wouldn't believe
Cold as the heart of the one who won't dream
Made like the iron on the black knights coat
Sharp like the points on the horns of the goat
Slippy like the monkey who don't wan to get caught
Useless as the check book of the Liberty bank
Trying like a mountain man fighting a bear
Crying like a kitten when her mothers not there

It's cold in the heart of the banker who laughs
It's tight in a corner of the swimming pool bath
I once had a honey and she gave it for free
Now she loves everybody, everybody but me
She told me she loved me but that was a lie
She left for my best friend and she didn't say why
I can't spit a sentence for the hatred in me
If it wasn't for the city lord knows where I'd be

In a never ending story just where do you begin
The wages of greed are the wages of sin
A man takes a life cause he didn't believe
The shock waves are coming and they're coming for me
I once broke the back of a horse on my farm
I never had a woman one to hold back my arm
I'm living in streets that don't care what I know
The lights never leave me it's as if they know


Live by the seaside
Take in the salt
Listen to Momma
She know what you want
Track Name: C-90

Got an hour and a half of music
Got an hour and a half gonna use it
Got my C-90

It's like 1982 and the sky is blue
And it's the colour of your car shining bright
With your girl on your arm and you're giving her the charm
And she's swallowing the charm alright
Leave her at her door won't be worrying any more
When you see her at the pub for a drink
Get your sounds in your ear and you're chilling with a beer
Now you know it's never later than you think

Living, breathing, eating, sleeping
Even when you take the mutt for a walk
Plugging in the tunes, bopping like a loon
Mister Sony comes along let it rock
Gary Numan and The Jam, Simple Minds, Duran Duran
Blasting out the sounds in your head
With the walkman on your hip
And the phones you've got the clip
All around the world to you is dead

Technology gone mad, Michael Jackson says it's bad
Scotland's got Brazil on it's knees
Music comes and goes, same with fashion and the clothes
Money rolling in, the banks are full of greed
Now it's 1984 and the miners hit the floor
Things are changing faster than the master plan
But the musics in your head and they're saying disco's dead
Still you're plugging in the headphones when you can

Now it's 1985 and the world has come alive
To the suffering in Africa and beyond
Live aid comes and goes but did anybody know
If the starving weans got the pounds
They say cassettes are going out, but you know you have your doubts
When they say cds will never break
30, 60, 90. why would they even try to
Change the way you listen to your sounds

Now we're back to present day
And the walkman's walked away
Computers and the phone have t'ain it's place
But if I could go on back just a bit to get on track
To the simple times we thought we'd left behind
I would fly there in a minute to the band that said no limits
And plug in my old Sony to my mind
New romantic's had its day we never thought that George was gay
But I'd rather live back then, aye any time
Track Name: Laura Lee
Laura Lee, like the sea
Deep and cold to my touch
Do you see me, Laura Lee
The strangest sign can be enough
The sirens call,as she breaks the fall
Of the countless ships upon the ledge
On the misty day of the coral bay
She tells the story as I beg

Laura Lee, come to me
Bringing back regrets and memory
Will she let it be, oh Laura Lee
The tears are falling faster than the rain
The sirens came and they brought the rain
The echoes blow against a troubled stay
All my memory of my Laura Lee
Release the demons in the bay

Laura Lee remember me
Although you're tired of this romance
Do you believe Laura Lee
That you might take another chance
The warning bell and the kiss and tell
And all the other tales of sickened faults
Another night on another flight
May make the dancer dance the pipers call

Laura Lee come back to me
Soft and golden like the sun
And still I see Laura Lee
She makes me take along a song
The lucid dreams and deflated cards
The breaking notes upon the scale
She sits alone all my hopes forlorn
Can all this hoping leave the past

Laura Lee please come back to me
I'll make the sea believe you never were
Track Name: She Called It A Day
She called it a day
Her voice was so gentle as she gave out a sigh
She smiled up at me as she handed her key
Her eyes were so blue in the light
I held in a cry as I kissed her goodbye
And she left and we both knew why
Both knew why

She called it a day
The memories of Friday are bathed in a haze
We knew what we wanted and swore on a stone
But the laughter has ended she wants to go home
I won't forget her but that person has gone
The one who could kill with a smile
I was blind

She called it a day
Bad feelings crept in and decided to stay
The light in the toilet I always left on
The smile at her mother when we didn't get on
The last word she spoke that was always the best
The times we spent apart were the test
Less is best

I want her to stay
But pride won't allow me to get on my knees
The worm finally turned and I brushed it away
We were lost in a moment but the memories fey
And try as I might and I hope and I pray
But no she called it a day